CASTELLO Düsseldorf House Rules

For information on permitted / prohibited items and all codes of conduct are provided in our house rules.

Visitors entering the CASTELLO Düsseldorf accept the following house rules:

1. General

The CASTELLO Düsseldorf protects its visitors and employees pursuant to the federal ordinance regulating the construction and operation of special purpose projects, part I: Assembly Areas (SBauVO). Smoking is forbidden in CASTELLO Düsseldorf. The house rules and regulations and the directives of security authorities and staff must be followed on CASTELLO Düsseldorf premises under all circumstances. It is forbidden to enter the stage area or to climb on or over crown barriers or other such equipment. Event organisers reserve the right to remove individuals from the premises who do not comply with these rules and regulations and to forbid them from accessing the premises for the duration of the event.

2. Protection of Young Persons Act

The Protection of Young Persons Act (Law to Protect Minors in Public) of 23 July 2002 (see the section “Excerpt from the Protection of Young Persons Act” (Auszug aus dem JuSchG) in the general terms and conditions).

3. Security

Dangerous items, such as gas canisters, pyrotechnical objects, torches, weapons of any kind, and objects that can be used as projectiles (especially bottles and cans) may not be brought onto CASTELLO Düsseldorf premises. The staff reserves the right to confiscate such items and/or refuse entry to individuals not in compliance with this rule.

4. Data Media

Data media in terms of this Act are physical media which carry text, images or sound suitable for transfer or direct viewing or built into projectors or game machines.

Physical dissemination, letting, offering or access of data media shall be deemed equivalent to electronic dissemination, letting, offering or access unless related to broadcasting in terms of Section 2, German Interstate Broadcasting Convention. It is forbidden to bring any device described above or to make any type of recording. Individuals breaking this rule may be prosecuted by the organiser under criminal law.

5. Late Arrivals

If a ticketholder arrives after the beginning of an event, he/she forfeits the right to the seat listed on his/her ticket until the next break. He/she may temporarily take a seat indicated by a member of the service staff.

6. Ticket Validity

Tickets lose their validity upon leaving CASTELLO Düsseldorf premises or the control area set up by the event organiser.